Thursday, December 23, 2004

The New Nova?

"Daddy...? Where were you when Suprnova went down?" Listen guys... its not my fault! I know you all come complaining to me that Suprnova has gone - but really... get a grip... and most importantly... "DON'T PANIC". There are plenty of alternative sites out there. Not all as good as "The Nova" but still acceptible. My current choice is as it allows you to click a link just under the search field to see the most recent torrents published. It gives you a list a bit like Suprnova was - but it does appear to be a little slower though. Probably getting hammered at the moment as the world searches for a new site - just like we are! Also in the Taoski News today, i have just updated to a new Anti-Spyware program. Even being a super technical guru i get Spyware and Adware on my PC every now and again. Not that i spend my time surfing porn sites or other dodgy areas of the net. But i do download and install quite alot of little applications that i check out and then delete when i realise that they are crap. This leads to other Spyware being installed on my PC. I have heard good things about Giant Anti-Spyware in the past and when i read over at that the company and the software had been bought by Micro$oft.. i realised that it probably was as good as they say it is. So, i got a copy and tested it and it looks very good! I had recently ran Ad-aware and cleaned up and also a new one that Mr Cookie sent me which found more than Ad-aware. I then ran Giant and it found much much more! After the clean up i rebooted and my PC seems alot more responsive! I'm impressed. So, my current Xmas A-List is: Torrent Site (for games/apps/movies): Torrent Site (for comics scans): Torrent site (for XBOX stuff): P2P Application for single songs/files: Anti Virus Software: Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition Anti Spyware: Giant Anti-Spyware Browser: Firefox

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