Monday, October 11, 2004


First, a question from a reader: "Firefox? Any good? I've been using Opera recently. Quite good once you get used the orientation. Nice and fast and gives a nice progress / feedback bar when browsing. " Ghone, MK, UK I have pretty much used all the browers on the planet... well... not all - but i have tried opera and a few others. I used to use Firefox when it was called Phoenix ( i think ) and it was [pretty good then but now they have made available a proper "version 1" release it is alot better. I think i am someone who likes to tinker with new software/interfaces/UIs but also tends to go back to the original settings - just cos i am so used to using things that way. Firefox is probably one of those moments - as was StyleXP - but at the moment - Firefox is pretty good! It is skinnable - but i quite like the original setting and it does load the pages quickly. It does appear to give me quite alot of "Page cannot be located" error messages with an OK dialog. If i click OK and then try the link again it loads the page fine. It is probably something to do with the fact i have AOL as my provider - as they have no download limits ;). I guess i can modify the Firefox ini file to get round that. I think i just need to set the timeout a little higher. Firefox also supports extra plug-ins and extensions that augment the interface and usability - although i have not messed with them as yet. The RSS feeds one looks handy - but i am not sure i would ever get to read all the stuff! I will try to stick with it for now - just for a change really. My real quest will be to switch to Linux! Why? Why not... i bet it will only last a month. Maybe i should blog "a Linux Month" as i attempt to convert.... I feel a new blog coming on.

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