Wednesday, October 20, 2004

XP Service Pack 2 and Bittorrent

This is something i saw a while ago regarding a new restriction put in place with XP Service Pack 2. Basically Microsoft have implemented a fix where by the PC is only allowed 10 concurrent outbound connections at the same time. If you are downloading via Bittorrent then only 10 connections at any one time can be made - the others all queue up behind and make the connection when needed. Someone has produced a fix for this but patching a file called TCP.SYS to allow as many connections as you want! I have mine running at 255 but i have read others putting it up to 10000! Since running this i have noticed an increase in my download speed via Bittorrent! Check out the patch here on the creators website. This post is made with no warranties or guarantees. If you screw your machine, don't email me pal!

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Square said...

Nice one :)