Sunday, December 12, 2004

Soulseek - another P2P program

I have just started using a new music download service called Soulseek. It is similar to kazaalite but the real benefit is that it allows you to right click on a file and download the "containing folder" - which means that you get the whole album - instead of 1 track. You can also right click and browse the persons files where you can download whole folders and therefore get the whole album. You sometimes have to enter a queue to get your files, but if you find someone who is sending the files to you at a fast rate, you can browse them and get some more. The system is also built around a form of chatrooms which allows you to go and ask if people have certain things to share. I spent a few minutes in the Jazz chatroom as i was going to download a Jazz Christmas album but i wanted to find out what it was like first. And the people there were very helpful! The first morning i used it i got about 3 really rare albums that i have never seen on Kazaalite or Bittorrent. The actual program is alot more basic than Kazaalite and takes some getting used to - but is worth it. If you fancy giving it a go, check their site here - the program is all spyware and adware free. Also check out their "Soulseek guide for the dummies" page

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