Monday, December 20, 2004

SuprNova Alternatives

Well. It appears that the world has ended. For Bittorrent as we know it at least. has been closed - until further notice due to pressure from the MIAA (Music Industry and Artists of America). There are other Bittorrent sites being closed down too - it looks like its gonna get serious. People around the web are suggesting that will probably re-launch at some point - but in what guise they do not know. I have just found a forum post that mentions other Torrent sites which do not require registration to get to: BeatKing Music Forums -> SuprNova Alternatives So, for now - you will have to use these alternatives.


Anonymous said...

I have started using Lokitorrent and have now downloaded a few albums, the only problem I found was that it is more complicated than the old suprnova used to be (It took me a whole day to find out how it works)and doesent have as many music album choices, also you have to grab whatever you want when you see it, as they do not seem to stay live on the site very long. Love this site by the way. I dont know what I would do without it!
All the best to you and yours
DJ Rob

Taoski said...

Thanks matey.
Glad to be of service as always.
Have a good xmas!