Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I just logged onto the webmail portion of my "other" main email account with BTInternet that I have had for over 8 years to check the latest on my eBay/PayPal purchase. Only to remember that I had changed the email addresses ages ago. They have an automatic spam killing feature on there that moves the offending messages direct to the Trash folder and then deletes them after a month on a rolling process. At the moment, the count of the last 31 days worth of spam is 1373 emails! Not to mention the ones that slip past the filters to be captured by my Thunderbird spam filters. That's about 44 pieces of crap per day! Or 16,500 per year! Then again, the email address has been used on newsgroups and a various array of other "dodgy" sites over the years - so 44 per day is probably not that bad! The actual amount of proper emails I get to that address is minimal - i might as well delete it really. On a side note... here is my first ever newsgroup posting from over 10 years ago. Thanks Google! Oh - and sorry Terry. I know your boss wasn't pleased... Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , ,


Chris said...

Scary - the internet remembers every post you ever made.

It's lucky that I only post well considered sensible opinions then, whilst sober.


(I may be asking a thicky twat question here - but can't they put a simple word verification feature onto email to cut out spammage?)

Taoski said...

I recently read about Blogging and that what ever you write - you have to think that your future boss could be reading it!

Then again - who would interview someone and then search Google for their name - just in case they ran a Baby Giraffe Pedo-snuff-site?

As for word verification.... doubt it - Mr Thicky Twat.
If every new email program required this to be used - surely i could go and download Microsoft Mail Beta version 1 from back in 1994 and use that instead!