Monday, September 19, 2005

5 Things i did this weekend

1. Walked in 2 separate woods on 2 separate days. I do like my local countryside. Tall trees, mud and making my 6 year old believe that there were Goblins in the bushes following us and that chesnuts growing on the trees were Hedgehog Eggs. 2. Avoided a horse who had thrown its rider. Only to be attacked by her dogs and ignored by her after I ran back to check she was ok 3. Ate too much Shepards Pie. MMmmmm... my favorite. Totally veggie too - but found that it had mushrooms in though! :puke: 4. Listened to "Zen for Beginners" on my iPod. "To have a beginners mind is to have an empty mind...." WTF? "The mind and the body are not two or one, or two together. They are two AND one..." WTF? "Concentrate on your breathing... become the swinging door..." WTF? 5. Got a cold :sniff: Kids back at school = three of us have now got a cold. Great!


Ghone said...

5 things I did:

1: Looked after daughter - she has bad cold.
2: Acted like a wierdo by taking photos in the garden after dark.
3: Recovered from a bad head from drinking nasty yellow lager in the Passage.
4: Had fresh bread twice.
5: Put my nan into residential care.

Taoski said...

Heard about number 5.
Shame... she's a lovelly old dear!

I can be found doing number 2 quite often too! lol

MrNoxious said...

Is that because of your bowel troubles?

Richard said...

Sorry to here about your Nan mate.

You missed 6. Had a really looooong wank.

Taoski said...

I did'nt actually.
It was over in a matter of seconds!

Ghone said...

You have such a fast wrist action!