Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Back from the land of the dead

So, I'm back at work. My sinus system is still a flowing green triangle of mucus and my left lung still has a dull scraping pain every few coughs - but I am here - and working too! Which is a start. I have left the pleasures of being ill at home with the kitchen fitters behind. This was not really pleasant (for either of us) - but was necessary. I slept for 9 hours on Thursday - so didn't even really see them - which was nice. Anyway, they have gone and left us with 80% of a kitchen. Still a few cupboard doors missing (on order) and a few holes in the walls (being done Wednesday). The fitters are really good blokes - but we are more questionable about the sales people and their methods now. Hindsight is a marvelous thing - but when verbal conversations with one sales/designer person don't translate magically to the fitters written instructions you can only kick yourself for not insisting things were handled better at the time. We will get there in the end. Money will not be paid if we are not happy - simple as that! I will post some pics of the partially finished article too. As reported on the Slyck P2P news pages (and other sites) there seems to be a buzz around a new website: http://www.snarf-it.org. In fact - the buzz is so loud - that I can't even get to the site at all as they are being hammered! I think it is just another torrent site/tracker - but people are already touting the new site as the 2nd coming. Still not sure why though! Apparently it has a cute "mascot". Maybe that has something to do with it? Some interesting news also from the Slyck pages reports on the fact that the owners of Kazaa actually monitor and record what is being downloaded via their network! I guess this also applies to Kazaalite too - so watch your backs boys and girls!

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