Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Birthday time again!!! Yipee!

Its my birthday soon! - in... errr... 144 days! Hooray! So it must be time to start with my Birthday gift list. As my family will know (all too well) i always want for "nothing" on my birthday and christmas but this birthday i am going to get in early with a few suggestions. I think i will set up my Amazon Wishlist as they seem to provide most things these days. Also, my mood changes frequently as i find new things on the internet and think "i need one of them!!" so it will be a good place for me to keep up to date with my likes/dislikes and the general "faddi-ness" of my personality. By the time 2nd July 2005 comes - it might be down to a managable list!!! Bet there won't be any books on there!

1 comment:

MrNoxious said...

Blimey, expensive tastes, I'd better start saving. Actually, I'll wait to see what you get me for my birthday, which is in about... err... 3 days!