Tuesday, February 01, 2005

MSN Search Results

Just did a search for "Taoski" on the new MSN Search and found quite a few interesting things! Blimey! I thought some of this stuff would have been removed by now! ngStats for Unreal Tournament Taoski It shows me in a very bad light! Not at all on par with my usual standards! Also found this: fame at last!!!


Anonymous said...

Taoski! Where does this come from , is it a name of a place or the name of a person? What is the meaning of the word?

Taoski said...

"Taoski" started when i was registering a name with a site somewhere in the dim and dark past of the Internet.
I wanted to use Tao but it was already taken and i had to resort to putting "ski" on the end. I think this might have come from my mate Tim as we always used to say helloski and Timski. It may have even come from reading 2000AD - not sure.

mmChronic said...

Ha! Your measurement of fame is very generous! ;)

If you want to know who is linking to your blog I find Technorati the best - try this.

We've got our Technorati search in our sidebar - in the 'Find Us In' section near the top.

mmChronic said...

Except for some reason it doesn't list the post you linked. Pah Technorati is cack! ;)

Taoski said...

Still - it looks pretty good!