Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I hereby announce the passing of my sons first Tamagotchi creature, DJ.

They spent 8 wonderful days together, playing games, shopping and pooing.

He spent time in the bath, played with his Ninja Throwing Stars I bought him after we gambled 9p a time on the slot game and he also had a nice day out wearing his hat we purchased from the fat shop keeper.

His favorite treat was Cupcakes (just like Uber!).

We will miss him... but he has already been replaced by TIFF, a new female creature! I'm glad we've got two bathrooms!

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Nick said...

My tamagotchi suffered horrible indiginaties while it was growing up. I suppose that is why it became a career criminal.

Loz said...

i'm still in a fit of giggles.

you heard me, a FIT of GIGGLES.

i would like to have another tamagotchi. it's always nice to be needed.