Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Whats my Vector Victor?

After spending all day slaving over my PC at work I then spent several hours bashing away last night at a new logo for my blog. It was all for research purposes though.

I have decided to get to grips with Adobe Illustrator CS2 as I do like the look of vector art. I think it will take some getting used to though. Compared to Photoshop I struggled to get it to do what i wanted and had to export back as a JPG to finish it off. The final image’s detail was totally lost when i converted it across… it looked excellent in Illustrator but crappy and pixelated in Photoshop. More practice needed i think – if anyone has any tips on this then let me know.

The new Illustrator CS2 version has a great “Live Trace” feature where you can pull in line drawings you have scanned and it converts them to editable paths. The great thing is that this also works with photos. The eye on the left (which is mine) and the skateboarder (which is not me – as I am much better!) were both processed using this method – and i think it looks pretty cool!

I kind of had a thought the other night that I would start trying some illustrations. I would set myself a goal of learning the Adobe Illustrator application, doing some illustrations and selling them – or having them used/published somewhere within one year. Possibly a tall order seeing as I work on PCs all day and the thought of having to chain myself to the PC all the time when I am at home makes me cringe. At least Illustrator makes it easy to work with imported graphics – so I could also spend time drawing and making art to scan in to use. Is this a silly idea?

If anyone has some good sites with Illustrator tutorials on then let me know please!

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Chris said...

Illustrator is my beeyatch...

any tips can be paid for in the usual way

Chris said...

This kind of thing is my bag