Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm suing Apple!

As reported in a few places including The Register, a Louisiana man is suing Apple for making the iPod too loud and damaging his hearing. John Kiel Patterson was unavailable to comment. Presumably because all he could hear when we rang to talk to him was the "Brain Morse Code Bleep-Trance Remix" brought on by his adverse Tinitus. I have decided to sue Apple too. For somehow smuggling "SugarBabes" and "Beyonce" into my iTunes and therefore into my iPod and therefore into my brain where they go round and round and round until I can't sleep, I can't work and I can't stand NO MORE! Gits!


bigfootcookie said...

Sorry, can you type that IN BOLD TYPE PLEASE.

I can't hear you through this ringing in my ears.

Ghone said...

My PSP came with 'ear-friendly' earphones - utter crap - couldn't hear the Gervais podcast at all - so they are now in da bin!