Friday, July 08, 2005

Business As Usual

I don't really want to dwell on the London Bombings any more than I have to (as it has been covered well over at WhiteBoyBob's blog) but I am glad to see things returning to normal today in the capital. Being a small island means that we all know someone who works or lives in London and i expect we have all in some way have been personally affected by this. The majority of transport services are operational, most people are returning to work and life goes on. Stiff upper lip n' all that. That's what i feel most proud about - our resilience to such an attack. Whilst watching the news reports yesterday morning I am pretty sure that people were having a go at the police for not letting them past the cordoned off areas into their offices. Twits. Wish i have a job i liked that much! I was also amazed at how the majority of the casualties and people interviewed after the attacks were not british! I bet we find that many people of different nationalities have been killed. After the 9/11 incident i was left shocked and amazed and can remember feeling really shaky standing waiting for my train home that night. Not through fear of it happening to me - just total shock. Today i just feel strong and resolved that this will not bring the UK down - we are better than that. Obviously it is not anywhere near the scale of the 9/11 attacks - so i am not making direct comparisons, but it is a biggie for us. The Police and the other Emergency Services did their jobs perfectly after well rehearsed planning for such an event. Well done to them. What is really going to piss me off is the inevitable criticism of the police, government and the lack of security on the bus and train networks in London. This is pointless and a waste of time. Fingers have already been pointed at the hotels for charging £250 for an £80 room which is just ridiculous. Some people will always try to make money from this kind of thing - they are just plain sicko's. Technorati Tags: , , , ,


bigfootcookie said...

Too right.

Now put the kettle on.

Chris said...

did you mention recently that you wanted an iPod look for your blog?