Friday, April 22, 2005

The first *real* pic of the new XBOX

As detailled over at Spong, this is a real pic of the new XBOX 360 console. Not white as i thought last week. The pic may also show the proposed "Add on hard disk" module. The console is rumored to come in 2 flavours, a standard console and one with a hard drive and WebTV capability. And with Wireless connectivity "out of the box" it might look quite nice under my TV. As long as i can buy a chipped one! Apparently Team Xecuter already have a reference model and are looking into the possibilities.


Captain Beefheart said...

You need to go out for a nice walk and get some fresh air young man.

You spend far too much time in darkened rooms playing with your joystick as it is

Taoski said...


Don't let your jealousy make you rude.

Richard said...

I think it looks like a close up of a Remmington shaver

bigfootcookie said...

Does this Remmington shaver have an attachment for scrotum shaving? You really can't beat a freshly shorn scrotum - errr... quote form Dr Evil. Honest.