Monday, April 25, 2005

MP3 Blogs

Just spent the last 3 hours perusing the wares over at the MP3Blogs Aggregator. If you are prepared to wade through the list of sites on the right you will find an enourmous wealth of MP3 tracks to download. I have just discovered that i am into Downtempo and Electronic Folk! Blissed out smooth guitars and crisp synth lines blended with breakbeat love. Yum. Give it a try - there is loads of stuff there! All from bands you probably won't of heard of. But that's the fun of it all! I would post some links to the stuff i found - but that would spoil it for you! (and i can't remember!) Kinda makes me want to revamp The Music Club blog into something a little "more". Then again i am not so into Music that i could do a whole site based on it! Podcasting anyone?


Captain Beefheart said...

Where do you suggest as a source for the Downtempo and Electronic Folk? I fancy a slice of that myself, madam

Taoski said...

I think the majority of reasonable stuff is over at Aurgasm and 3hive. On 3hive you can click one of the Genre tags on any track to get a full listing. Theres lots! No pumping trance though and what the US call Electronic covers quite a wide spectrum of music styles.

David Last seems quite good and i downloaded I am robot and proud which is nice, slow and melodic downtempo stuff.

If you are still into stuff like Portishead, there is plenty of that out there too.

Trust the yanks to be 5 years behind!