Monday, April 25, 2005

Ow.. it hurts already

Just got back from my first Gym Session for 2 months (and 1 day). I already feel a little sore in the stomach area after doing 20 sit-ups of death. Its gonna be the kind of pain that throbs like a Jack Daniels enflamed ulcer. I hope that by the *real* summer i will have buns of steel and will look *buff* enough to remove my top in between the rain showers. I decided to ease slowly back into the routine and only ran 1.5 miles (in about 15 mins), 5 mins of cycling and a serious bash on the Multigym equipment. As of next week i will increase my running distance and perhaps even get out round the lake a few times as running on the treadmill is no real indication of how far you can run, just how long you can keep your legs moving. I was in there on my own for the whole time - which was nice. I had to endure the local radio station though which was as shite as usual. "Crap Hits from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today!... but first... an advert for the local carpet showroom". If i had my 20gb iPod with me, some pumping trance would have made it all alot easier (i hope). But no doubt it would have shuffled onto something else and i would have been running to "Christmas in the stars" from the Star Wars Xmas Album. "What do you mean Artoo? reindeers can't fly!"


Chris said...

Be very careful when exercising to trance.

When I go running I always take the pod (ah blissful skip free music, do you deserve any less?). But if the choons are too upbeat you'll very quickly end up a hyperventilating mess wheezing on t'pavement (gyms, pshaw).

I actually have a running playlist (I know, I know, Mr Beefsteak) that majors on Dub and Reggie Music.

bigfootcookie said...

Get that Pod wired to your heed. Man. You need to get yourself fit for the Agents Summer Bike Jolly "down the canal" You'll need to be able to bunny hop over soap dodgers, and do endo's over those brown finless fish that the pikeys keep catching, and forgetting to put back. (Thanks to Captain Beefy for that!) My work out tunes? Gotta be Freeland Tectonics and Skindred.

Taoski said...



I'm sure a mosh pit would look good in the gym here!

Captain Beefheart said...

Judging by that photo you look pretty edible already, or are you telling us you have the torso of Van Damme but the legs of Frank Skinner...?

Taoski said...

Any *real* one of my fans will know that it's not really me.

You can't see 50,000 hairy moles in the picture!

Richard said...

Tectonics - Freeland. Ahh what superb choice you have! One of the best breakbeat compilations I've got. If you haven't got it already you must find yourself a copy of Coastal Breaks II by Adam Freeland. Mmmmmmm....bleepy.

Taoski said...

"Root-toot.... keyop!"

Anyway... BigFootCookie was listening to Shania Twain when i first met him!
Must have been my positive influence eh?

Captain Beefheart said...

Remember, when exercising always where something loose fitting and comfortable: