Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Cyborg Name Generator:

As much as it kills me to fill my blog with useless links to other stuff i have found whilst surfing other peoples blogs..... (although i know a few people who make a living doing that - eh Newlinks boyz?) here's my cyborg name:
Cyborg Name
The Cyborg Name Generator via BlogCruiser. Also just found this Warning Label Generator via the er... interesting RebelNun blog.


mmChronic said...

I wish we made a living at it! I can't imagine a better job in the world - paid to surf and post!

It's not all linkage though - we have on occasion produced some content of our own like the world famous Adding On This Day In History To Blogger™ post. ;)

Taoski said...

I know its not all just links... i was just taking the pi$$!

I saw that "On this day" bit recently and then realised it was you guys! Well cool. Definitely a measure of fame to be included on the Blogger site.

If you can invent a way to track down comments you have left on blogs then that would be even better!

Chris said...

my how freudian?

mmChronic said...

And I was taking the opportunity to whore linkage. ;)

An even bigger claim to fame is that the Blogger user hacks page came about because I sent the link to one of the senior Blogger guys who set the wheels in motion. Frist psoted user blogger hack - evar!

You could always create a furl / delicious / whatever account for bookmarking your comments - then at least you'd have a list of them.