Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kids Play?

They came, they brought presents, they destroyed and then left - with party bags. Phew. It was a nightmare. 30 kids, 4 adults and a large bottle of spirits needed afterwards. I was in charge of defending the ball pool/slide area which was enclosed in blue netting like a Steel Cage Deathmatch. When you have 4 6 year old kids attacking you for not letting them in as it was too full already, only the pure training of the Ninja could stop you from loosing it with them. Fortunately, i spent 4 years training as a Ninja in Essex and had to regress to my "happy safe place" several times during the ordeal. Needless to say, several Jack Daniels later i am feeling a little better. What was worst though was the fact that as i squatted near the entrance to "The Cage" stopping them entering, i could tell i was having a real "arse day". What i would have done for a bottle of Fabreeze. Lucky all kids smell - otherwise i would have been in real trouble. Maybe i need to shower more... And as predicted, we left with 2 Ikea bags full of presents! Time to spread them out over the next week or two an do some serious Oxfam'ing.


ILuvNUFC said...

:) Great story.

It's my son's 5th birthday on friday and we have booked somewhere for the kids to party and soft play after last years "incidents".
Last year we hired a bouncy castle and held his party in our house and fairly big back garden and I said never again. Our house is mad enough with 2 kids (me and my son, according to my wife) without a full scale riot that we got last time. Somewhere else can have the fights, tantrums, cake under my settee and sandwiches in most of my kitchen draws.

I feel much more confident and relaxed about things this year.

Who'd be a parent?

Taoski said...

Its better to hire somewhere.
At least you can just walk away from it after! There's something theraputic about being able to do that.
30 kids was a nightmare and my son is still opening the presents that he was given! 2 in the morning and 2 after school.

It's amazing how many different power rangers you can get these days!

Oxfam here we come!

ILuvNUFC said...

It's all Power Rangers and Turtles in this house.
Though I must admit he does have some toys that I like to play with. We regularly play Top Trumps and build things with my/his Lego.

Taoski said...

Do you live in my house too?

ILuvNUFC said...

:) Possibly!