Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I just don't care

Whilst surfing the interweb blog highway I always seem to come across blogs of a certain style: Political Blogs (usually american). I am not religious or political at all but the fact that these people believe so much in something that i find totally odd and farcical amazes me. I actually end up in awe of them as i really don't give a shit about much at all. It's a bit like when i have to go to church for someones wedding or christening and spend the whole time observing the people and practices with a air of impressed riddicule.
Its silly and you are wearing a dress, but i am amazed you really believe this stuff.
I am definitely the kind of person who might say
It does'nt affect me... therefore i don't care
However, reading these blogs does make me question myself and my own morals and beliefs, which i suppose is a good thing. And i think the answer is that i don't really have any opinions about much at all. I obviously care about my family and friends and what happens to them but other than that... Is this a bad thing? I am not sure. Does my "boy in the bubble" attitute make my life better or worse? I think that i am just not on the right wavelength anymore. Too much travelling the "path of least resistance" has probably made me into a soft, accepting, introspective sort of person who only deals with events that come to me. Maybe too much "giving" has been my downfall and i need to spend some quality time in the "Taoski Zone". Whats your attitute to such things, and how can i change - or should i?


Gone Away said...

Sooner or later you will find something to believe in. Until then, don't sweat it.

Aggressive-Voice said...

Yeah, you're not missing out by not being a ranting political hothead such as myself. :)

bigfootcookie said...

I sometimes get a bit heated regarding politics and religion, as the context they are seen in today, as they have been throughout history, are almost indistinguishable. Each are used for gain on both sides, and power and control are the both their main objectives. I would never admonish anyone for having strong beliefs in either, I just think that I am a strong enough person to not have to belief in something to give me moral support crutch in my life. I know what is right and wrong, and I teach my children the same values, which I believe are quite high standards. The biggest bullying, sharp tongued, down putting, demoralising, self opinionated teacher I ever had the misfortune to be taught by was a catholic nun. Yes, I went to a catholic school, which is why my children don’t. This is why I want my children to choose their religion, if they want one, when they are old enough to make their own decision. As parents we make enough informed decisions for our children, I’ll leave that one for them to make themselves. Me? I was bought up a Catholic, which is why I believe in none of it now.

Captain Beefheart said...

Having also been brought up in a strict Catholic household I too have strong views about, well , people imposing their own strong views on others. So I have to make my own views clear.

Oh dear, that makes me sound a bit bitter and twisted doesn't it

C'est la vie :o)

Neutron said...

Hi there! Good question...hmm. Well, I gave up on politics round about the time Jimmy Carter was getting canned for being "too honest". I mean come on, "TOO HONEST"!! And this, everyone said, was TERRIBLE!
And religion I gave up on when I realised that every army...with the possible exception of the communists fights with god on their side...he/she/it must really be taking the piss!
Your general attitude reminds me of me...and I must admit I have often asked myself in the last few years whether I shouldn't have taken a more active role in the decisions in my life so far. You may find yourself asking the same question someday. Nice blog!

Taoski said...

I am already!

It's too late for me.
Save yourselves!

Richard said...

You do believe in something though Tao. The fact that you think religion is odd and silly is a belief. I agree with you, but we won't get on the whole religion thing as it'll all kick off. I think politics is important, but we don't live in a true democracy so I can see why people don't care. Eventually it all filters its way down to us, so I get annoyed about stuff that politicians do in "my name". The "man" loves people who don't care as it allows him to do whatever he wants unopposed.

Bernie said...

God Is Good

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PSALM 145:8-9 NKJ
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