Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Moist Haunted

Having spent another 3 evenings half watching Most Haunted Live i have yet again been left with the feeling that it is all a bit of a con. For those who are not aware of this program i shall give a brief synopsis. Psychic medium Derek Acorah accompanies presenter Evette Fielding and paranormal investigators to a number of locations in search of ghosts. The program is usually pre-recorded but they also do a "live" version usually over 2/3 nights on times like Halloween or the Summer Solstice. We started watching this a while ago now and found it quite interesting seeing the various phenomona occuring - knockings, noises, seances, ouiija boards, light annomalies (orbs) and possessions too! It is all wearing a little thin now. We like listening to the history of the places the investigate and some of the things they have seen could not be easily explained - but 99% of them can. The best show was the Live Halloween special last year at Pendle Hill when they were persued from location to location by a collection of witches who were appearing to wreak havoc with the members of the film crew and presenters. Last night they were investigating an old disued mine at Wakefield and whilst in one of the mine shafts heard a few ghostly snorts and had a few stones thrown at them supposedly by the ghosts of 8 children who had died there in an accident. I suppose what you forget as a viewer is that you might be watching the presenters, the psychic medium and the paranormal scientist sceptic walking round but there are also other 3 members of the film crew, sound department, a burly security man, cable guys and even the make up lady, "Cath" - who always seems to get her hair touched by ghosts, gets to go too! Surely with all those people there in an old mine shaft that has not been entered for 40 years or so - something would get disturbed and that could be seen as paranormal. Some of the show is done by people alone with night vision cameras who are brave enough to venture off into pitch black rooms, cellars and attics. Those are the better bits i think as the reactions and emotions are more real and less prone to group hysteria or suggestion - or are they just good actors? If you look at the show objectively then you could argue that if it was all "made up" then something amazing would happen each time they went to a location. But it does not. They sometimes get nothing at all - even on the pre-recorded shows. The fact that they show this fact does give them some credibility - or is that what they are thinking too? As for me? I am sceptical but remain open minded. Until they see something totally unusual and the scientist boffins on the show cannot explain it and I cannot explain it either, then i might start to believe. Most Haunted people...if you are reading this... i'll come on the show - prove me wrong!


Richard said...

I remain open minded about most things, but this paranormal malaky is just silly. I saw part of it last night as well, but if you've ever seen Derren Brown you'll know how easy it is to create what appear to be paranormal activities when they are not. Also, you know how worked up/freaked out people get in the dark when they're all wound up about ghosts. Sometimes when I'm walking the dogs at night, on my own, though dark wooded areas I get the creeps for no apparent reason. I hear and see all sorts of things that could be construed as ghostly goings on. But they aren't. It's the fight or flight response kicking in and getting you all jumpy.

I'm not saying there aren't things that happen that aren't easily explained, but to make the, frankly, bizarre leaps in logic that these people do is crazy.

Yours sceptically,


bigfootcookie said...

I really, really want to believe that there are such paranormal things happening, and bizarre stuff that happens that cannot be readily explained. But so far all the so-called "proof" would fail under even a moron's passing interest, and doesn't even make it to proper scientific analysis, as it is so weak.

Yes, I do so want to believe. But I won’t until it can be proved to me in a scientific way, that can be recreated time and time again, as with all successfully experiments. Until then, it is all just Pseudo Science religious bollocks.

MrNoxious said...

It's all a load of rubbish..

..except for Ghostbusters, which was based on real-life events..

..and Shirley Ghostman, she's an expert in her field.

Taoski said...

At the end of the day, it's just entertainment. And it must be good as i keep watching it every week!

I always think when they say things like "this house is amazingly active" - why don't they lock the place up and get a shed load of cameras and place them all around the house in each corridor and room so that the whole house is covered.
Then they could swap the tapes each day, review the footage and continue filming.

If these places are "most haunted" surely that would capture something odd after a few weeks.

chris said...


When they send off people in ones and twos they do appear to be genuinely shitting themselves, which is funny. And scientifically valuable of course.

But the whole seance and "glass around the circle" stuff is pretty bollocks - Evette never takes her finger off it.

Some interesting stuff does go on but Derek has got too professional - the possesions etc, he's trying too hard.

Hillary Templeton said...

Most Haunted is most definitely a .............well I wont say it. You decide for yourselves.

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