Thursday, June 09, 2005

Revenge of the Sixth

It's my number 1 son's 6th birthday today and as a good loving father does, i have lavished him with gifts of a "Star Wars" nature. Despite the fact that we are constantly trying to rid the house of the crappy plastic swords we have gathered from the "£1 a go - always win a prize" games you are likely to find at a fairground/village green festival, i went and bought him a new talking, force feedback lightsaber complete with sarcastic vocal advice from Yoda on your Jedi Slashing Action. No doubt this will lead to more fights between the two boys and tears will follow as they do battle during the next installment of the "Kat and Alfie show" whilst i am trying to get them into their beds. "It'll end in tears.." He also has a party tonight which is at a venue that has a capacity for 30 kids! So, we invited 30! If you are out and about our fine shopping area later, you can see me struggling to the car with bags laden with more Power Rangers, Star Wars, Ninja Turtle figures and other birthday paraphenalia you can shake a lightsaber at. If i just got the parents to put £10 each into a pot when they came in, i could sneak off and buy an iPod and some extra pressies for the boy and we would all be happy! Also, there is nothing worse than cleaning up after the party and looking at all the uneaten sweets and crisps left over after we have spent so much money getting it all together. Ungrateful little *******! No doubt the tide of new little plastic men with their little plastics swords and guns will find their way into the loft with the other unused little plastic toys from his last birthday party! He's got lots already, surely he can't need any more? If you listen carefully at night you can hear them crying. Unloved and unwanted. Wish me luck... and may the force me with me.


Captain Beefheart said...

If he doesn't want them, can I play with them?

bigfootcookie said...

Childrens party's with no alcohol. Not for the faint hearted. Or the sane.

Daldianus said...

Good luck! :)