Monday, June 06, 2005

Don't knock it!

Back to work on the bike again today after a great weekend starting off by playing Bastard Brag and drinking JD on our bi-weekly sabatical Friday sleepover at our friends house and then a day at the parents in law which as usual, involved more beer and garden games with the kids. Sunday was the highlight of the weekend as we took a family trip to Warwick Castle which was excellent. The rainy weather held off and we happily climbed staircases to the tops of the towers and pretended to be scared of the ghosts. As usual, i was transfixed by the archery displays and really just wanted to have a go. The resident Warwick Castle Bowman was there too and gave a jolly good show. The job seems to involve taking the piss out of your fellow archers and the general public followed by a few swift flaggons of ale and maybe shoot some arrows at a target once in a while. The kids loved it all and seeing as we managed to get entry tickets for free (via Tesco's Clubcard Deal scheme) we also avoided paying about £100 just to get in! The journey home was just as pleasant (as i was not driving) and the wife and I played a game of "Knock Knock, Ding Ding" most of the way back. The aim is to be the first to say either "Knock Knock" when you see a red Royal Mail letterbox or "Ding Ding" when you see a Telephone box. I won 7-6 after spotting a "double dinger", two phone boxes together in Towcester. It's actually better than playing my other car journey game, "Nodding Dog" where you pump the accelerator very slightly but not too hard to make it noticeable and then release the pressure. If you are making this manouver successfully over and over, your passengers head will slowly nod back and forth as you pump and release the pedal. Make a note of the starting mileage and see how far you can keep it going! You will also need to sharpen your peripheral vision to enable you to watch the fun whilst not driving into the ditch on the next corner.

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bigfootcookie said...

Nodding dog? More like Puke O' Rama. Are you still using the excuse of "my arse is sore 'cause of my bike saddle" to get the wife to massage your arse, or have you bought some shorts yet? Which is better then, an Indian head massage, or a Stony arse massage?