Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Astral Hedgehog Poo

Ahh bless Originally uploaded by Taoski.
Whilst watching another chilling episode of the possibly staged "Most Haunted" show on LivingTV last night i was yet again disturbed by the clinking and clanking of ghostly spirit noises from my back door. Mr Tiggywinkle, our resident Hog and most excellent cats dinner bowl cleaner was again scruffling and snorting around outside my back step clearing away any stray food and also leaving its little Hog business all over the place. We have a little cat out house (read: shitty little expensive plywood kennel that the bloody cat won't sleep in) which i have now discovered is a makeshift home to the prickly beast. At least it lives under it though or the expensive dress the wife donated for the cat to sleep on might get all dirty! I think i heard somewhere that Hedgehogs were a "bit dirty" - not in the "get drunk and shag your best mates mum" type of way - in a disease type of way. I will be clearing away the Hog's Faeces as soon as i can though as i am sure this could be the worst way to enable the kids to catch anything. "Look Daddy, a soggy worm.... oh." Should i worry? Are they dangerous? Shall i roast it on the barbeque? Or am i just over reacting? ps. I really had to resist putting a picture of Sonic The Hedgehog on this posting. So heres a link to something cool. pps. If any of the Most Haunted crew are reading this.. let me know if its all faked. Or invite me on the show. I won't be scared - honest!


bigfootcookie said...

Hedgehogs carry several diseases, but none that are dangerous to humans. They can carry fleas, though not the same sort as found on cats or dogs. They are a popular apartment pet in the States, but are protected in the UK as they are in decline due to destruction of their natural habitats. Treasure the little blighter!

MrNoxious said...

Hedgehog flavour crisps are yummy

Captain Beefheart said...

That is so cool! I thought hedgehogs died out in the seventies like Space Hoppers! Love him, treasure him, treat him as one of your own you big hunk of man love you :o)