Friday, May 06, 2005

The birds and the bees

fanny craddock
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Word has it that a local teacher in my hometown has just had her selection of *revealing* pics from a "Swingers" website she is a member of passed around the school by some eagle-eyed internet savvy students.

Now that schools have an email account for every student and the ones i know seem to have more friends on their MSN list than i have friends in real life, i expect that the images have achieved 100% saturation by now. You can guarantee that someone will also have printed the images and stuck them up on noticeboards around the school too. Thats what would have happened in my day.

I wonder if she will resign or be pushed? Or should her private life stay private? Surely the embarrasment is punishment enough.


Captain Beefheart said...

Her private life should remain private, but if it came out that she happened to toss her keys in the odd neighbour's fruit bowl that shouldn't affect her job prospects.

Indeed she should be praised for providing her students with a valuable life lesson, being "don't get your kit off on the internet if you work with children".

Captain Beefheart said...

P.S. was she fit? and who didn't have fantasies about at least one of their teachers? This is the stuff teenage (wet) dreams are made of!

Taoski said...

Wet Indeed!

I don't actually know who she is - just a teacher of a "family member". You can just imagine Billy Piper with a motarboard on and a cane. That should sort you out.

Captain Beefheart said...

Ugh... urrggh!!

Wow - that was over before I'd even really got started!