Friday, May 27, 2005

My life in film

My life has been rated: Click to find out your rating!

"Suitable for 15 years or older. Films in this category can be about anything, say 'fuck' a lot, probably get to see all sorts of guns and shooting, but no open heart surgery with a knife. Most 'R' rated films in America fit into this category. " Examples: Alien, The Sixth Sense See what your rating is!

Created by bart666


MrNoxious said...

Wahey I'm an 18, must be all the anal sex, cocaine abuse and drive by shootings.
"Suitable for 18 years or older. This is real life. Anything in this category is considered to be of subject matter relating to adult life, that happens day in and day out. Walking down the street is an 18 certificate. You have a life, well done."

Ghone said...

15 - Same as you bud!

ILuvNUFC said...

15. I'm a tad disappointed, I expected to be an 18.

Taoski said...

It just proves that i am all "bravado" and a total wimp at heart!