Friday, May 20, 2005

Rant (with free spittle included)

Now, please don't get me wrong... I'm not a ranter and i don't rant, even on my blog. In fact you can check back though my old posts and find only nice things about Hedgehogs, BitTorrent and feeling iPoddy. But there's this bloke in the office... Although i am not a M$ qualified MCSE or even MCP i have been doing iT Support for over 10 years now and i think i pretty much know what i am talking about. I am consistantly the best in my department - in fact, the whole country. What i do want to rant about is fatty sarcastic contractors trying to tell me how to do my job or how crap our systems are. This chap is forever trying to lord it over me saying things like "god man, your server is so slow... i've got better equipment in my bedroom than you have got here... haw haw haw" at the top of his voice or "my god, only USB1? This iT section is pathetic... when I ran an iT company... blah blah blah" and then swanning off chatting on his brand new Motorola RAZR phone. Now i've got nothing against contractors - but some of them do seem to have an enourmous chip on their shoulder. His colleague (also a contractor) is the nicest bloke you could ever meet and once you have helped him he is forever in your debt. Why can't all people be like this! Of course i know that he is just sucking up to me so he can get what he wants urgently - but i don't care... one bit! "He who buys the coffee is my friend". They are not all bad - are they Rick? As for fatso with "the sarcy comments" and "the swagger" and "the big salary" - he can fuck off!


MrNoxious said...

LOL, hear hear

: something (as a muscle) that contracts or shortens

The brain of said contractor perchance?

Richard said...

Not all bad at all matey. I should know. But I had to work for a contractor for 6 months while we were "in between" managers, and nearly fucking stabbed the cunt to death with a biro! IN HIS UGLY, CUNTISH FACE!!!

Suffice to say we didn't renew his contract. CUNT! God, sorry about that, I seem to have tourettes of the fingers.

By the way I just bought a Razr V3 myself today. Somehow, I'm not sure. See my blog.

Captain Beefheart said...

People are people all over the world, or something...

Not all contractors are shitehawks but there is a particular breed with a very very small penis that contantly feels the need to compensate for the fact. Just picture him naked, on the job, with a blow up rubber doll, doing it up the gary, and think "I know your secret, maggot boy"

MrNoxious said...

Ahh, you must be on T-Mobile, the only network featuring the black Motorola V3