Monday, May 02, 2005

Hustle me babe!

Originally uploaded by Taoski.
Watched Hustle last night and the cleavage revealing clothes that the female cast member Jaime Murray wears are just getting better and better! She is quickly becoming my pouting breasty babe of the moment!

And even better - on the episode i saw, they were conning her ex-husband out of the money he stole from her by playing a rigged game of Texas Hold-em Poker.

This is what i have been playing on recently in an attempt to learn a new game to play when we stay over at our friends next. Also, my good friend


Richard said...

You'd be most welcome to join our weekly Poker sesh Mr Schencks - as would BVK.

Taoski said...

Does that include the offer of a lift too?
Anyway... i need to practice first a bit more.

bigfootcookie said...

Did you find any decent poker chips, Agent "cheats at strip poker with his wife" :-D

Taoski said...

Yeah - i did find something i might get...

Captain Beefheart said...

My Mum gave me a beginners guide to poker type book. I might feel brave enough to pla a hand or two if you boys will have me.

Honestly, you'd better treat me gently as I'm not overly familiar with games of chance

Richard said...

If we get enough together we can have our own poker sesh, or we can amalgamate it with the existing one (me, Timbo, Chris and Adele).

Knowing you (and your super-brain) Matt, you'll learn very fast and beat us all. It is a game of skill and chance. You have to know the odds, when to bet and when to fold. It's the betting part that makes it such a good game.

Taoski said...

Let us in on your secret o' wise fat one.

I expect your next blog to be a summary of the rules, tips, stratagies and ploys.

Oh.. you posted about motorbikes..