Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wot no Comments?

Just been browsing the excellent Flickr site again and found a link which shows you the comments that you left on someone elses photos and then the subsequent comments after. This is totally amazing as it lets me find all those little one liners i have decided to leave for people which i would probably never find again. We need something in Blogger like this! A way to find comments you have left would be cool. I have tried Googling for my Blogger name and stuff like that but it does'nt work. Ideas anyone? I bet a bit of nifty Javascript to the Blogger API would get it working. ps..Anyone coming here after seeing a comment i left you, please say hi - just so i can remember where i have been!


Captain Beefheart said...

Hello sailor ;o)

Taoski said...

**Greets** and **huggggzz**

HappySam said...

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but you don't have to
if you did i would be most grateful
but not as grateful as the grateful dead
thats impossible
but I would be happy if you did click
as happy as a happysam

enjoy people of the world


Taoski said...

We are all trying to make money chummy. The difference is, i actually work HARD for a living.

Taoski said...

Thanks for stopping by anyway!