Friday, May 13, 2005

You might feel a certain sting..... punchy

I am trying to steer clear of linking to sites which i have found by reading posts on other peoples blogs but this is real Friday lunchtime quality. Punch-a-celeb Jackson got a good pasting followed by Bush in round two. [via NewLinks]


Richard said...

I just couldn't resist giving Donald Rumsfeld a damn good fisting.

bigfootcookie said... at last an outlet for my anger! That fuckin' plastic freak face Michael Jackson just got a good battering around the ring, Johnathan King that fat triple chinned perv boy just felt the brutal force of my fist, and the retard in a suit, George Bush, just got his face spanked so much it looks like a baboon on heats glowing red arse. Happy sigh.

Pope Benedict XVI said...

Umm... could we have Raquel Welch on there please? It's just that ever since seeing "Two Million Years B.C." I've felt she need to be punished..

Oh that fur bikini! Dirty girl! Dirty! AAAHHHH!!! PUNISH THE DIRTY WOMEN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There were all these celebrities who I would love to punch, but for some reason I couldn't stop punching Bush.

Taoski said...

I expect that's very common!
Imagine a celebrity royal rumble.
A hot of big scary A list celeb stars - and old GW himself.

"lets get ready to ruuuuummmble"

I bet i know who would exit the ring first - after being gangland style ass whipped by some hard nuts like ICE-T and Henry Rollins.

What a hoot that would be!
Superbowl halftime show perhaps?