Monday, May 16, 2005

Mucus Monthly

babyface Originally uploaded by Taoski.
So... i'm ill again. My slight sniffle i had whilst venturing to the land of the pearly kings and queens has turned into a full blown sinus head cold. I never knew i had a sinus tract within my eyebrow above my left eye. But apparently this week i do. Couple that with general "off world" feeling and a nice tacky chewing gum producing hack cough and you pretty much got it. Over the weekend whilst mowing the lawn and trying to work through the pain, i was seeing things move out of the corner of my eyes! Must be those little elves Mr Beefheart has been blogging about recently. So appologies for not Blogging sooner - i know you all missed me - but i have been busy. Busy pretending to be too ill to make it when the wife flashes me the international symbol for "Tea?" And too busy wallowing in snot at work getting a small amount of sympathy from the customers as i bubble and dribble into my handset. I have been looking for somewhere to have my kids 6th birthday party too. Times getting on and at the moment, procrastination is not paying off. You just don't seem to get many kids party places advertising on the Internet. Then again, hiring a clown might be quite interesting or some sort of magician. I bet he could disappear the cash in my iPod fund pretty quick! I did find this place though. I bet it would be one hell of a party!


bigfootcookie said...

Wow, that looks cool. The snake handling party that is, not sliding in your snot on a bouncy castle. Plastering yourself and the wife in baby oil, adding lashings of Cobra beer is best for that. Apparantly.

Captain Beefheart said...

Live Shows For a HANDS-ON Experience? Sounds like the local church